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Area of Expertise

On Deep Foundation, Piling Services and Civil Engineering works.

Manpower & Equipment

We have more than 200 employees including Engineers, Foreman, Mechanics, Technicians, Welders, Bauer Operators, Heavy Equipment Operators, Office Staffs, Drivers and Helpers. .

Certificates & Recognitions

Highly recognized as one of the leading company with advance Foundation Solutions Technology.

SHIBH ALJAZIRA For Deep Foundations Company - Your Total Ground Engineering Partner

Recent Projects

Our core mission is to make available a variety of piling services, Our company operates based on six values: Spirit, Determination, Pride, Commitment, Passion And Integrity, each of which inspires the way ,we serve our customers, who in turn contently count on as a catalyst to achieve their unique business goals.

Underground Infrastructure and Deep Foundations Saudi Arabia will highlight the key solutions to the latest challenges in KSA's deep foundations and underground infrastructure networks.

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The company has executed lots of deeps foundation works which include concrete piles and other foundations essential for over 50 projects of bridges, interchanges, underpasses, buildings, electric towers, dams and camel crossings for a number of government and private sectors, contractors and electricity companies.

1. Exit-4, Muzahmiya Bridge with Makkah Road
2. Bridge at Intersection of Anas bin Malik Road with Abdulaziz Road
3. Execution of Bridges and Tunnel along Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awal from Al Urobah Road to Makkah Road
4. Bridge execution at intersection bridge of Al Hair Road and Fateh Road to Makkah Road
5. Intersection Bridge of Takasussi Road with Makkah Road
6. Khurais interchange with the Second Ring Road - Riyadh P-1375
7. Al Hair – Al Hawtat BaniTamim Road Wadi Hanifa Bridge at STA. 99+988
8. Development of King Abdullah Road West Section King Abdullah Road


Unparalleled and Cost Effective Services.


Timely delivery of Services.


Seamless and efficient implementation of projects and services.

Our Clients

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